Rococo Chocolates have over thirty-five years of chocolate making experience, using only the finest luxurious ingredients. This combined with a rich heritage & expertise results in the most sublime and unique tastes. 


During the summer of my second year of University, I worked with Rococo Chocolates whom I've always admired for their illustrative packaging design, quirky shops & general company ethos. In this time, I designed the packaging for their Artisan & Christmas collections, which are best selling items. I also designed a series of menus & box designs, whilst also being lucky enough to have a nibble on one or two chocolates in the process.


Christmas Collection 

Along with Mr Camels truffle box, I also created the packaging for the Christmas bar range. Complete with fabulous gold foil to add that extra sparkly touch.

  Artisan Collection

Colourful & unique, these patterned jewels are the yummiest of them all. 

(They were also great fun to create, even some potato printing was involved).

© 2020 Hermione Hedley

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