• Hermione Hedley

Attracting pollinators & insects in the city

I have always loved wildlife, & have obtained a relatively good knowledge of trees, insects, animals & plants having lived in rural North Wales my whole life. Being surrounded by the rolling valleys, outdoor spaces, nature & gardens is something I have taken for granted, & appreciate even more so since moving to London a year ago. This became especially apparent during lockdown, where our balcony became a bit of a life saver & made me really appreciate having a space to sit outside. So whilst I was locking down in London, my mind was wondering back to Wales & the wildlife.

I found watching Countryfile, Gardeners World & The Chelsea Flower Show virtual on BBC Iplayer throughout lockdown provided me with lots of inspiration & motivation to make the most of the space I had. With the rise of wild gardening, many garden designers are opting to create gardens based around nature & habitat conservation as it appeared on The Chelsea Flower Show. This also inspired me to create a space to attract & help pollinating insects, with a third of British wild bees & hoverflies in decline I wanted to do my part in providing some sanctuary for them. So, with this is mind when choosing plants & flowers, I am very happy to say it worked & I have had a few visitors over the last few months!

My balcony is exposed to winds, north facing (it gets about 4 hours of morning sun), & surrounded by buildings, so I really took the time to research into what I could do to tempt any passing pollinators to my garden. It took some time as I grew most of the flowers from seed or plugs, but it has been well worth the wait.