• Hermione Hedley

Planning my balcony garden

Like many people during lockdown, I found some extra time to focus on my outdoor space. Mine being a 4ft x 15ft north facing balcony. Having studied Garden & Landscape Design for a year before changing to illustration, I really enjoyed researching and drawing some plans for my limited outdoor space. The balcony is shallow, narrow and sheltered by neighbouring buildings so research into what plants would work was key. Not only did I need shade loving plants, I also wanted to encourage as many pollinators as I could to my little corner of North London. So, nectar rich, colourful flowers were key! The aim has been just to have fun with it, not worry about a colour scheme and experiment with what plants grow best on my balcony micro climate. So a part of this blog is basically going to be a garden diary for myself, to see the progress of the plants, wildlife & style of my balcony progress.