• Hermione Hedley

DIY herb & veg tray

Using an old compost liner, a spare wooden tray, leftover soil, seeds from a DIY store & some scissors, I have created myself a supply of tasty herbs & radishes throughout the summer. As my balcony is exposed & very windy, I opted against buying a hanging herb wall & instead decided to recycle using what I already had. The great thing about using a tray is that I can carry it into the kitchen & move it inside during the winter.

I bought the seeds from a DIY store during lockdown as the garden centres weren't open & they had sold out online. I made sure I selected a variety of hardier herbs, accompanied by radishes, which like similar conditions. I have my Mediterranean herbs growing in a separate container on the sunnier patch of the balcony. There is nothing more satisfying then living in the middle of a city & being able to still pick your home grown herbs for cooking!

Anyway, here is a little how to in case you are in need of some mini gardening inspiration...

If you do sow some radishes like me, be sure to thin them out once they have grown into substantial seedlings, this means they have more room to grow and won't be as wonky!

This photo shows how much has grown in about 2 months. I now have basil, parsley, coriander growing! As well as my radishes, which I was over excited about a picked too early, hence why its so small. Oops.